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Spanish is taught as a modern foreign language, reflecting the intent and objectives of the National Curriculum. Spanish is taught to a high standard with introductory lessons in EYFS and KS1 involving simple numbers, colours and phrases, linked to learning across the wider curriculum. In KS2 Spanish is taught formally in weekly, timetabled lessons. The implementation of Le Jolie Ronde scheme of work ensures that Spanish is taught to a high standard, with specialist planning of lessons which ensure coverage and progression across KS2. This in turn encourages children’s curiosity and deepens understanding and appreciation of language and the world around us. Children will further develop their understanding of cultural differences in an increasingly multicultural society, through use of both spoken and written vocabulary in culturally rich environments, which reflect our intention to support children in their developing confidence.

Planning and lessons show clear pedagogical sequencing of skills and knowledge with immersion through application.  Children progressively use and apply a growing bank of vocabulary organised around topics, which equip them with the linguistic foundations, as preparation for KS3. The informal teaching through stories and songs, along with rhymes of Spanish in key stage one and EYFS will be developed through discrete teaching of Spanish into key stage two and provides all children with access and opportunity to develop the skills of using and applying the linguistic foundations taught in readiness for life beyond Paxton


Curriculum Overviews

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