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We wish you a warm welcome to Paxton Primary School. Paxton is an inclusive and vibrant school, located at the heart of our local community. We value and celebrate our local ties, building strong partnerships with all our stakeholders. Striving for the highest standards, we work to maintain a shared ethos of (ARC) achievement, respectfulness and caring, amongst our children, parents and staff.

At Paxton, we affirm the boundless potential of every individual to achieve excellence. We seek to establish rich learning opportunities, which inspire progress, celebrate effort and challenge underachievement. We are relentless in our efforts to remove barriers to all children achieving. We consider the well-being and empowerment of our children, as central to this aim. Our work is to ensure that Paxton children can identify examples of excellence around them and that they are able to recognise their own brilliance in these examples.


As a school community we believe we are most empowered when every child, irrespective of background is able to build their self-esteem, by recognising excellence in themselves. During current and future challenges, we remain determined to maintain and refine our practice as a wholly inclusive place of learning. We are and will continue to be an environment within which every child not only feels happy and safe, but also has opportunity to thrive.

At Paxton, we value the voices of all members of our school partnership. We enjoy a rich tradition of parental support and professional dialogue, toward maximising positive outcomes for children. Our curriculum and vision is broad, balanced, relevant and ‘futures-focused’. We seek to support our children in their journey as lifelong learners, through enriching exchanges and an environment that is attractive, stimulating and inspiring.

We continue to dedicate ourselves toward providing rich opportunities for learning in the present, whilst preparing our children for dynamic and successful futures in an ever-changing world.

If you would like to learn more about our wonderful learning environment and see more of what we have to offer, please contact the school office. Our friendly staff will be delighted to greet and help you.

We look forward to you joining us on our journey.

Mr J Muhammad

Head of School

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